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Stay in contact with your friends at home during your stay in Germany.
Use our phone rate comparison to enjoy lowest international phone rates.
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Note:Use of the phone services is limited to German fixed line phones operated by Deutsche Telekom AG.
Dial 0311 (free call) from any German fixed line phone to hear an announcement (in German)
whether you are using a "T-Com" phone (Deutsche Telekom phone line) or not.
In case you have no access to a fixed line phone operated by Deutsche Telekom AG, see our page
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Dialing instructions:
Our phone rate comparisons show you the currently cheapest offerings for phone calls from Germany to abroad.
To enjoy the stated rates, dial as follows:
1. dial the alternative provider's access number (010xx or 010xxx)
2. dial 00 followed by country code
3. dial area code (without leading 0) and destination number as usually
You wish to make a call from Germany to Japan (+81), Tokyo (03), phone number 12345678.
Our rate comparison shows you, for example, 01021 as the currently cheapest provider ("günstigster Anbieter").
Dial as follows:
01021 0081 3 12345678